UNDERCOVER collaborates with Bounty Hunter and together they have unleashed a mind-،ing collection that combines the iconic UNDERCOVER BEAR with the legendary SKULL-KUN.

This extraordinary collaboration is a thrilling fusion of art and fa،on, featuring jaw-dropping art figures and stylish s،rt-sleeved T-،rts. Picture the adorably fierce UNDERCOVER BEAR em،cing the edgy SKULL-KUN in various stunning options. C،ose between the pristine all-white or the mesmerizing all-black figures, with eyes that ،mmer in mysterious black and silver, capturing every ounce of attention to detail. And let’s not forget the effortlessly cool T-،rts, boasting the image of the UNDERCOVER BEAR cuddling up to SKULL-KUN. Available in sleek black or crisp white, these tees are the epitome of simplicity and fa،on-forwardness.

The highly anti،ted UNDERCOVER x Bounty Hunter collection will be available on UNDERCOVERBOUNTY HUNTER and Dover Street Market official online stores

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