Report: Hasbro Inks Deal with Sony for Rights to Clue

Another beloved board game may be headed back to the big screen.

According to reports from Variety and other Hollywood trade publications, Hasbro Entertainment has closed a deal with Sony’s TriStar Pictures and Sony Pictures Television for the film and TV rights for Clue. Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks also confirmed the news on the company’s earnings call on April 24.

“Sony is the perfect partner to adapt a property as culturally impactful and mystery-defining as Clue,” says Zev Foreman and Gabriel Marano, Hasbro Heads of Film and TV. “Nicole Brown, Katherine Pope, and their teams are tremendous creative collaborators and ideal partners to help us figure out after 75 years if it was Colonel Mus، in the conservatory with the candlestick.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time the ،-mystery board game has been adapted to the screen. The 1985 flick featured iconic cast members such as Tim Curry, Madeline Khan, and Christopher Lloyd. 

Clue isn’t the only board game getting some love from Hollywood. Margot Robbie’s ،uction company, LuckyChap, is also signed on to ،uce a Monopoly movie.