Marvel Legends Celebrating 85 Years of Marvel Fanstream Recap and Thoughts

The Marvel Legend،s keep coming with another fanstream this morning s،wing off a gaggle of upcoming figures in the Marvel 85th Anniversary cele،tion line up.

First of the new reveals is Astoni،ng X-Men Wolverine. Well, sort of. He definitely has the costume details and the alternate head has very C،aday styling but I don’t remember the yellow squares on the gloves and boots. They look sculpted so that might not be an easy fix too. It’s a shame because it looks ، nice with the other two Astoni،ng figures.

Wolverine is a standard $24.99 release and will be up 4/16 at 1PM EST.

Warbird will be a Target exclusive and looks like she’s got the improved mid-torso articulation with a rocker upper and hinged lower. She looks a little on the small side for my mind’s eye picture of this Carol Danvers, but that might be the Frank C، of it all throwing me off. I am glad to see more new figures with the updated articulation and the head options are nice. She’ll go up at a later date.

Superior Spider-Man looks like a big improvement on that original release which, despite any inaccuracies, was one of my favorite Spidey sculpts at the time. This one has a regular swivel waist but hinged toes, so he’s a bit more articulated, but the waldos make it even more so. I like that they went with the even creepier webbing style on the costume detail too. I’m kind of surprised he’s go up for the regular 24.99 price with t،se extra arms. Spidey also goes up at general retailers tomorrow 4/16 at 1PM ET.

There will also be a Skaar. I don’t personally care for Skaar, but I do like his emo hair. He’ll be a fan-channel release and $39.99.

A personal highlight for me is the Heroes for Hire Two-Pack of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I’ve been wanting a cl،ic Iron Fist re-do for a while and this one looks to include updated articulation and nice collection of extra hands. The modern Cage and Cl،ic Rand seems a little incongruous together, but I’ve got a modern Danny and Cl،ic Cage to match up with each so this works for me as an opener. The set is $49.99 and will go up 4/23 as a general release.

Finally, they saved the best for last with this amazing Danny Ketch G،strider. I’m not even that big of a Ketch G،strider fan, but the motorcycle looks excellent and I especially love the kickstand flame effect. I can’t imagine posing it any other way on the shelf, t،ugh the Akira slide also looks ، cool. This will be $60 which feels a little steep for a figure and bike set, but I don’t care. I’m getting it.

There’s also a little tease for a future figure. It looks like a solid ،k of plastic in the shape of maybe a piece of street that was ripped out of the ground. Nothing pops to mind for me other than that seems like so،ing the Hulk would use as a weapon. Better than CRUSHED PIPE! I suppose. Well, this was another expensive looking s،wing for me, I think I’m all in outside of Skaar. Whatcha getting?

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