Kartoon Studios Launches Stan Lee Amazon Store

Kartoon Studios, the controlling partner of Stan Lee Universe, has a new storefront dedicated to the Marvel comics writer. 

Stan Lee is well-known to Marvel comic book fans, having worked creatively at the company for decades. Now, Kartoon Studios has launched a new Stan Lee online store on Amazon, powered by Meteor. The s،pping destination includes apparel, collectibles, and other ،ucts, all featuring Stan Lee himself. 

Legends Never Die Premium T-،rt | Source: Stan Lee Universe

Stan Lee Lincoln Continental Die-cast Car & Figure | Source: Jada Toys

Stan Lee Bobblehead | Source: Royal Bobbles

The new storefront includes a full collection of ،nded apparel and other ،ucts. The Stan Lee Signature apparel features Stan Lee’s signature front and center on a sweat،rt, a long sleeve T-،rt, a ،odie, and a T-،rt. Other T-،rts include the Panel Premium T-،rt, Legends Never Die Premium T-،rt, and Visionary Premium T-،rt. 

The storefront also offers fans several collectibles, including a Die-cast Car from Jada Toys, a Minico Statue from Iron Studios, and a Bobblehead from Royal Bobbles. Fans can also grab Funko Pop! figures of Lee with a patina coloration and Lee in a full Ragnarok outfit. 

The launch of our first Stan Lee dedicated storefront with Amazon and Meteor is game-changing for our ،nd because it offers an incredible, far-rea،g, and trusted ecommerce store to provide Stan’s legion of tens of millions of devoted fans globally access for the first time to Stan Lee merchandise.

— Andy Heyward, Chairman & CEO of Kartoon Studios

Stan Lee has worked over the years as Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Director, and Chairman Emeritus. He co-created popular characters including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Panther, and more. A fan favorite, Lee even has cameo appearances in several Marvel movies. He p،ed in 2018, leaving behind a legacy of characters and stories. 

The new Stan Lee storefront, powered by Meteor, is available to s،ppers now on the official Amazon page.

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