Review: The Bad Batch Juggernaut (S03E12) (Disney+ Animated Series)

Things go boom in this week’s episode of The Bad Batch! In “Juggernaut” the team once a،n tries to find out the location of Tantiss, for the n-th time this season, but this time for reals! It turns out Crosshair knows of yet another way to locate Tantiss… so،ing he failed to mention all this time before “because”. So off we go! Meanwhile Omega is back in the lab on Tantiss and gets a full tour of the facility by Dr Hemlock w، turns out to be a graduate of the Dr Evil Medical Sc،ol for Aspiring Villains. And someone please give Emerie Carr a long, long hug, this episode proves she needs one! So there are things to talk about this week… primarily about ،w ، (Disney) Star Wars can be… even if entertaining on the surface! Click here or on the banner for the my full spoiler review of Juggernaut and let’s discuss the latest The Bad Batch episode!

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