Hasbro Launches ‘Transformers One’ Figures with New Trailer

Hasbro’s latest Transformers launch features new figures inspired by Transformers One, the latest movie in the Transformers franchise set to come out in September. Transformers One is about Optimus Prime and Megatron’s origin story as friends before becoming enemies.

The highlight of the collection is the Transformers Studio Series Deluxe Transformers One 112 Optimus Prime figure ($24.99), a 4.5-inch action figure that features a 25-step conversion from robot to truck, two s،ulder pipes, a dual-barrel blaster, and Energon Ace accessories that kids can use in both modes.

Transformers Studio Series Deluxe Transformers One 112 Optimus Prime | Source: Hasbro

The collection also features two 2-in-1 action figures that convert into masks ($34.99 each) that kids can wear and re-create their favorite scenes from the Transformers universe. The sets, which include Optimus Prime (Orion Pax) and Bumblebee, include accessories that can be attached to the robot versions of the characters.

The Transformers One Mega Changers ($14.99 each) are 11-inch figures that feature simple conversion steps for kids ages 6 and up to turn their figures from robot to vehicle with ease. The line includes Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, and Starscream.

Finally, Hasbro is rounding off its Transformers One collection with the Prime Changers ($19.99), a duo of 5-inch figures featuring Optimus Prime and Alpha Trion. 

These figures will be available this summer at Amazon and other major retailers.

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