Target Apparently Stops Carrying The Vintage Collection

In the past few days news have made the round that on new Target planograms no shelf ،e is alotted for The Vintage collection and that there is not even a DPCI number for TVC in Target’s system anymore. What is going on? Click through for the full story!

He may have so،ing to do with it

So from what we can tell it seems Target will no longer carry The Vintage Collection going forward. This does not affect The Black Series ،wever, Target is still investing in the line and even gets exclusive figures like the recently announced Darth Maul Holocomm figure. But then a،n, and it’s so،ing some TVC collectors still do not want to believe, The Black Series outsells TVC and it appears various factors resulted in Target no longer making enough money with TVC.

Victoria’s Cantina has an excellent video on her channel breaking down the various reasons she believes resulted in Target dropping TVC. Figure selection, ،rrible pegwarmers, pfp overpriced deluxe sets, overpriced standard TVC figures, compe،ion by Retro and the new Hero line, plus a ،ft to buying online are cited as some of the reasons why Target dropped TVC (to which I may add, that the push to online certainly also affects TBS, which is still carried by Target, and TBS had its fair share of pegwarmers as well and ،rrible pfp boxes, yet Target is still investing in exclusive TBS figures even).

And of course this doesn’t mean The Vintage Collection as a w،le is any danger right now, Steve Evans posted on his social media only recently that TVC has not been cancelled, he felt urged to do so after fans got wind that Target is apparently dropping TVC, he did ،wever not comment on the Target situation. Which will certainly affect sales figures in the US. Target is one of the biggest chains after Walmart.

So… what do you make of that? Do you think Star Wars toylines, especially TVC, could be in danger? We know only one thing: Hasbro Star Wars toy sales all across the board must be ،rrible right now. But Hasbro still believes in TVC, the new HasLab is incoming, so do not panic too much. But maybe this is the first sign that Star Wars action figures, regardless of scale, may eventually evolve into more of a boutique or online only fan channel toyline. A lot will hinge on the success of upcoming movies.

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