Top Secret Toys Gears Up for ASTRA’s Marketplace & Academy

ASTRA‘s Marketplace & Academy will take place June 2-5 in St. Louis, Missouri. The event is just over a month and a half away and Top Secret Toys is preparing for the s،w with its latest releases.

Top Secret Toys will be s،wing off new ،ucts from some of its most popular ،nds, including the new GigaPet Bit Bunnies di،al pet, the latest addition to the GigaPets line that first launched in the ‘90s. 

Discover-It Bigfoot Dig | Source: Top Secret Toys

Dissect-It Rattlesnake Super Lab | Source: Top Secret Toys

Giga Pets Bit Bunnies | Source: Top Secret Toys

Gooblins | Source: Top Secret Toys

The company will also display the Dissect-It: Rattlesnake Super Lab, which joins the Frog, Salamander, Bat, and Piranha kits as safer, cleaner ways to learn about animal anatomy. The Discover-It features a similar slimy experience to Dissect-It, but the new Discover-It features a Bigfoot Dig, in which kids must uncover the ،s to build a Bigfoot Skeleton.

Other toys on display at Top Secret Toys’ booth include Gooblins, skeletal creatures stuck inside slimy ،ies ($4.99), the Thumbler Wand ($6.99), and the original Thumbler ($5.99).

Top Secret Toys will be at Booth No. 2927.