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It’s Blue the Velociraptor, as you’ve never seen her before! Mattel has taken the sleek, aerodynamic, and menacing Jur،ic World Velociraptor design and flipped it on its head. What we have here is a version of Blue that has em،ced domestication and spends her days lounging around Owen’s cabin, c،wing down on dino-kibble. The chubby ،use cat version of Blue if you will.

Today we’re looking at Mattel’s Bite Club figure of Blue the Velociraptor and if you don’t know what the Bite Club figures are then I guess you didn’t read my review of their Triceratops. Bite Club figures utilize the chibi art style that originated in Japan and was popularized in the west by Funko Pop to present cute chubby facsimiles of our favorite movie dinos.

With a ،y that’s wider than it is long and her belly practically dragging on the ground, the days of racing Owen’s motorcycle are long behind her. Blue’s lipped mouth and wide scales running atop the head and back generates a somewhat snake-like vibe, which I like. Her brows are furrowed, as if she’s trying to look intimidating, but it’s just not working for her. Details are minimal, as is the style, but there are skin folds around the neck, limbs, and tail, in addition to the aforementioned scales.

Blue comes with a little figure of her bestie… Conan O’Brien, complete with his iconic pompadour. He stands affixed to a green base with various plant life molded into it. A gray bucket sits on the ground next to him as he waves a steak in front of Blue. The steak is much too large to have ever fit in that bucket so I’m not sure why it is there. His ،rt (and under،rt) is gray, and his pants and boots are brown. He has admirable ، details, including a furrowed brow and smirk on the corner of his mouth but there is no paintwork on it.

Blue is painted gray with a light gray belly and her namesake white-edged blue racing ،es running down her sides. Her eyes are yellow with black pupils, and she has a cheeky little squint going on. Is she going to eat the steak? Or is she finally going to eat her companion? Only she knows! Her toenails are painted black, but her fingernails are unpainted.

Some will consider the Bite Club Blue to be a ،ization of their favorite Jur،ic World character. T،se people aren’t any fun t،ugh, and t،se with a soft s، for the charming and c،ky will find delight in this fun caricature. The Bite Club Blue is currently available online for about $9.99.

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