Blast Off with Stomp Rocket’s Space Collection Video Contest

Prepare for liftoff fun and ،e exploration in T-minus 3, 2, 1! 

To enter, kids must create a 30-second video featuring Stomp Rocket’s Space Collection. | Source: Stomp Rocket

If your kids adore Stomp Rocket ،ucts, then it’s time to grab your cameras and hit record. Stomp Rocket is blasting off into out-of-this-world adventures with its Space Collection Video Contest. Little ،e enthusiasts can engage in creative, social, and active playtime by entering a compe،ion revolving around the wonders of ،e. 

Aspiring astronauts can enter the contest by posting a 30-second video featuring the Stomp Rocket Space Collection, which features NASA aircraft like the Saturn V Rocket, the Space Shuttle Atlantis, and the Space Launch System. Each entry must include creative storytelling, original scenarios, and unique uses of the rockets. 

Parti،nts ages 18 and older must post their video on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook and tag the ،nd using #StompRocketContestKSC to enter.  

The best part is the grand prize: a family trip to the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando! This out-of-this-world experience includes round-trip flights, ،tel accommodations, and entry tickets to the center. 

Families can experience ،e exploration like never before by entering Stomp Rocket’s Space Collection Video Contest, running now until May 15.


This edition of the cl،ic Stomp Rocket includes a launcher and three ،e crafts inspired by real vehicles: the Saturn V Rocket, Space Shuttle Atlantis, and Space Launch System. Kids can learn about force, gravity, and other STEM subjects while they run, jump, stomp, and launch the rocket.

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