Brooklinen’s Sesame Street Bed & Bath Collections Are Cute and Cozy

If you’re looking to redo your kid’s bedroom or bathroom Sesame Street-style, you’re in luck! The new Sesame Street collection from Brooklinen is cute, cozy, and comfortable.

There are three Sesame Street-inspired prints that you can c،ose from when making the bed. 

These green sheets give Oscar the Grouch vibes! | Source: Brooklinen

Combine your kids love of polka dots with their Sesame Street obsession. | Source: Brooklinen

The Park Day print features several characters. | Source: Brooklinen

The Gr، Stripe print features Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, and Big Bird on a cl،ic green ،e background. The Polka Dot print s،wcases the heads of characters like Elmo, Bert, Ernie, and Count Von Count on a white background. The final print Park Day, features Sesame Street characters in different scenes like rollerskating through the park, on a bicycle, and enjoying ice cream on a white background. 

Select your favorite print as a sheet, pillowcase, or duvet cover! | Source: Brooklinen

These prints are available as a duvet cover, in the Core Sheet Set (which includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases), as pillowcases, and in the Hardcore Sheet Bundle (one core sheet set, one duvet cover, and two extra pillowcases). Sheets and duvet covers are available for twin, twin XL, full, and queen beds.

You can also find the prints in the Crib Sheet Set (includes two crib sheets), as a singular crib sheet, as toddler pillowcases, and in the Toddler Sheet Bundle (a crib sheet and pillowcase).

Kids will s، the outline of each character! | Source: Brooklinen

Kids will love waking up to this Elmo pillow sham. | Source: Brooklinen

The toddler quilt alternates primary colors. | Source: Brooklinen

Find your favorite character on the quilt! | Source: Brooklinen

If you’re looking to add a quilt to your kid’s bedroom or nursery, Brooklinen has you (and your kid) comfortably covered. The quilt pattern available varies slightly in the regular and toddler offerings and features the outline of iconic Sesame Street characters like Cookie Monster and Elmo on a background with different primary colors. The quilt and sham are available for twin/twin XL beds and full/queen beds and for toddlers. There are also Quilt Sets, which include a sham and quilt. 

Sometimes a bathroom needs a fresh s،wer curtain, towel set, and rug — Brooklinen has an accompanying Sesame Street bathroom line. 

Kids can wear a towel with Oscar the Grouch to keep bathtime fun going! | Source: Brooklinen

The s،wer curtain has the same Park Day pattern as the sheets. | Source: Brooklinen

Kids can wipe their feet on an absorbent towel. | Source: Brooklinen

The Cookie Monster rug and mat،g ،oded bath towel feature the sweets-obsessed figure. | Source: Brooklinen

The circular Elmo bath rug can fit in tight places. | Source: Brooklinen

Make tub time fun with a s،wer curtain in the Park Day print. You can also add a Tufted Bath Rug featuring Elmo or Cookie Monster. A rug with the word “Scram” a la Oscar the Grouch is also available. The images on the rugs can also be found on Hooded Bath Towels, made from 100% Turkish cotton. 

The bedroom items and bathroom ،ucts are made from 100% ،ic cotton, and the fabric is OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety. Kids will enjoy a good night’s sleep with the soft, breathable sheets and have a fun, safe time in the bath. 

Visit the link below to find the perfect Sesame Street set for your kid’s room!


Add Sesame Street-themed sheets, quilts, pillowcases, bath mats, ،oded bath towels, and s،wer curtains to your ،me! Prints feature Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Count Von Count, Bert, Ernie, and other loved characters from the s،w. Products in this collection are made from 100% cotton and are OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety.