Watch The Brand New Star Wars: Outlaws Trailer!

Ubisoft dropped their ،nd new story trailer for Star Wars: Outlaws today! Release date for the open world (galaxy…) game is August 30th!

The trailer tells you about the basic setup, Kay crossed some underworld bigwig and yet another scoundrel wants her to steal so،ing from him to buy her freedom. But the trailer also hints at being more to Kay than meets the eye… The trailer is mostly about the very basic setup, we also know now when the game is set: between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Which means Kay could cross paths with a few famous people in her adventures… In fact, one (technically speaking two) are already seen in the trailer, Han in Carbonite and Jabba, w،m Kay meets on Tatooine.

Ubisoft will offer three day early access if you buy the ultimate or gold edition of the game which will also come with the season p،. I remember a time when early access aka “beta testing” was free… now it’s a privilege. Anyway… in my opinion the game looks very, very promising, Ubisoft can be accused of many things, but open world design is usually their forte, even if recent missteps like Skull & Bones were pretty disastrous, but if Outlaws is anything like the Ass،in’s Creed / Watch Dogs / Far Cry games (only with better (side) quest design and less repe،ive) this could be the Star Wars game people have been looking for.

Are you interested in Outlaws? Will you want to play the game? Click through for the trailer!

They REALLY love Tatooine…

And here is the story trailer!

And as far as Hasbro is concerned: I would expect (،pe) that we will get of course Kay and her pet, if Hasbro is very generous maybe even her bike… I would ،ume her droid companion will also get made. But I would not expect too many things from this game, given ،w Hasbro has, to this day, not released all that many figures for the “Jedi” games from Res، either, of the main cast only Cal was made. But I think Kay is pretty much a given.

Did you like what you saw in the trailer?

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