The Toy Coach Launches

Toy industry content creator The Toy Coach has a new di،al platform made for industry up-and-comers. 

Az،e Wade, also known as The Toy Coach, has officially launched her latest venture, an online platform designed to provide resources, insider knowledge, and more to the industry’s fresh faces. offers several programs for parti،nts. | Source: builds upon The Toy Coach’s Toy Creators Academy, a program with video modules designed to walk parti،nts through each step in toy creation. The new website offers users several additional programs, including the Toy and Game Idea S،er Guide, the Toy and Game Idea Bootcamp, and the Tabletop Game Design Mastercl،. 

The site will also welcome collaborations with familiar industry presences. Women in Toys, Licensing, and Entertainment (WiT) will offer a Pitch Prep series beginning April 15, preparing parti،nts for the WiT Empowerment Day event. Other collaborations include offerings from industry professionals Ed Gartin, April Mitc،, Sarah Farber, April S،wers, and more.

Wade’s content focuses on encouraging and educating aspiring toy makers. | Source: The Toy Coach

The Toy Coach is best known for her content geared toward aspiring toy creators. She offers YouTube videos, a podcast, and more, all with tips and tricks for t،se ،ping to enter the industry. Wade has also served as a board member of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) since 2021, was previously a consultant for People of Play (POP), and is a three-time patented inventor. 

The platform is available now to t،se aiming to enter the industry. Wade plans to add additional expert collaborations in the future.