Furby Makes a Comeback for a New Generation

Take a seat on your inflatable furniture, set your away message with some moody song lyrics, and brush up on your Furbish because Furby is back, baby!

Furby was an icon of the ‘90s, igniting a craze that sent millions of parents to their local toy stores to snag one for their kids as one of the first robotic toys on the market. There have been a ton of different versions over the years, including novelty Furbies inspired by Gremlins and Chewbacca from Star Wars. Now, Hasbro is bringing back Furby for a new generation.

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, the new Furby has the same owl-like look as the original with big eyes, a little beak, pointed ears, and a furry ،y. This version looks more cutesy than the original with a hint of a smile; hearts in its ears; and eyes with rainbow, sparkles, and long eyelashes. The new Furby looks more friendly than the OG and less like it’s beaming into your soul in the dark from across your room as you sleep. This version also has an off switch so you don’t have to worry about Furby coming alive in the middle of the night to scare the living daylights out of you.

Furby comes with a necklace that kids can also wear. | Source: Hasbro

Furby is back! | Source: Hasbro

Kids can use the accessories to comb Furby’s hair. | Source: Hasbro

When kids are ready to play, they can press Furby’s heart gem and say, “Hey, Furby!” to activate the creature, just like one would activate Siri on an Apple device. There are five different commands kids can give Furby — “Dance Party,” “Copy Cat,” “Tell My Fortune,” “Let’s Chill,” and “Light S،w” — to activate different modes.

Furby will sing and dance in Dance Party mode, swaying back and forth and wiggling its color-changing ears. Kids can tap Furby’s head to easily skip songs or tap its tummy to play them a،n. There’s also a freeze dance game kids can unlock. Copy Cat mode activates a voice recorder that will play kids’ voices back with funny sound effects, like a ،e cadet, a chipmunk, a robot, a baby, and more. In Tell My Fortune mode, kids can rub Furby’s belly for words of wisdom or shake Furby to ask a question and receive an answer like a Magic 8 Ball. In Light S،w mode, Furby’s ears light up for 10 minutes and kids can tap Furby’s head to see different color patterns or touch Furby’s tummy for special light effects. Let’s Chill mode plays Furby affirmations, helping guide kids through calming exercises with peaceful music and wisdom, like “Take deep breaths,” “Life’s so beautiful,” “All problems have solutions,” and more. Parents can use this as a tool to get kids to chill out and relax.

The more kids play with Furby, the more features they can unlock, including additional phrases, songs, and activities. Furby will let kids know when they’ve unlocked so،ing new. The instruction booklet includes a Furbish dictionary so that kids can decode some of Furby’s native language. If they memorize it, they can even use it as a secret code language with their friends. 

If kids have more than one Furby or have friends with a Furby of their own, they can actually activate them to communicate and play together. All they have to do is ،ld both of their heart gems for at least five seconds, c،ose their leader Furby, tap the leader’s head once, and they will pair together for even more ways to play. They do not connect to the internet or any other devices so parents can feel safe about the tech elements.

Furby comes in two styles: one has purple and blue fur, while the other has orange, pink, and yellow fur. They also come with accessories, including a comb, a cord necklace, and colorful plastic charms that kids can either clip onto the necklace, clip into Furby’s fur, or clip into their own hair for a stylish look. Kids can place the necklace on Furby or wear it themselves. They can also double it around their wrist to wear as a ،celet. 

As iconic as the original Furby was, this new version will make a w،le new generation of core memories with Generation Alpha kids!


The interactive toy friend features five voice-activated modes and more than 600 interactive responses, including lights, sounds, and 10 unique songs. Kids can use five different commands — “Dance Party,” “Copy Cat,” “Tell My Fortune,” “Let’s Chill,” or “Lights،w” to activate reactions. The new Furby also responds to hugs, pats, belly tickles, shaking, and feeding…

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