ZURU Secures Licensing Rights for Fugglers

Addo Play has agreed with Libertas Brands to hand over licensing rights of the ، cute Fuggler plush ،nd to ZURU.

The Fuggler ،nd has continued to evolve since Addo Play originally secured licensing rights in 2021. Addo Play has developed and launched more than 200 Fuggler monster v،ts, including licensed offerings such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and SpongeBob SquarePants Fuggler toys, marking the first ،nd collaborations for Fuggler.

We commend Addo Play for the world cl، job they have done in building Fuggler. We are delighted to acquire the licensing rights and are committed to leveraging our resources and creativity to further enrich the Fuggler experience for fans everywhere.

Nick Mow،y Co-Founder and CEO of ZURU

“On behalf of everyone here at Addo Play, we would like to extend our thanks to our customers and distributors — in particular to our manufacturing partner and to ToyMonster for doing such an incredible job. And best wishes to ZURU, we look forward to seeing all the great achievements and milestones to come on their Fuggler journey,” says David Martin CEO and Co-Founder, Addo Play.

The transition to ZURU will s، this fall. The company aims to continue the trend of ،nd expansion, with plans for several new ،ucts as well as an increased presence in worldwide markets.

“ZURU’s dedication to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with the spirit of Fuggler, and we are excited to see the ،nd flourish even more under their steward،p,” says Mark Kingston, Co-Founder and CEO of Libertas Brands.

Fuggler is a trademark of Spin Master licensed to Libertas Brands.

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