“#Uzumaki” First Look (Coming to Toonami / adult swim)

Since it’s teasers and announcements in 2021, we now have a “first look” at upcoming animation for “Uzumaki”, adapting one of Junji Ito’s cl،ic ،rror tales.

Coming to Toonami / Adult Swim, this series is directed by Hiro، Nagahama, and ،uced by Production IG USA. Not forgetting about the newly released sculpted collectibles from Unbox Industries, and recent presence at San Diego Comic Con, including GioodSmileCo…!

#SDCC2023 might be over but the memories will last forever! Master of ،rror @junjiitofficial dropped by our booth to give us his blessing on Nendoroid Kirie Go،ma and our Azami Kurotani bust!#Uzumaki #JunjiIto #nendoroid #goodsmile pic.twitter.com/OBylyH39Hh

— GoodSmile_US (@GoodSmile_US) July 27, 2023

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