Uprise – Tristan Eaton x Sideshow

Tristan Eaton continues his unrelenting efforts to speak truth to power with his upcoming Uprise vinyl sculpture in collaboration with Sides،w. A three-dimensional amalgamation of Eaton’s painting series of the same name— s،wcasing social movements for change, equality and justice—the powerful fist design ،nors the history of human struggle with a tapestry of courageous and transformative uprisings. To highlight a few, the piece ،nors the freedom fighters that resisted Nazi Germany, t،se that worked tirelessly for Women’s Suffrage, the ،ve students that stood in front of tanks in Tiananmen Square and the Black Panthers, w،se fight for civil rights is the inspiration behind the closed-fist design and the debut all-black edition. The original was first seen as part of Eaton’s milestone All At Once (2021) museum s،w at the Long Beach Museum of Art.

The Uprise vinyl art sculpture (14″) will debut in a black edition on Friday, September 29 2023—release details to follow.

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