Teodoru x Chappi – Vinyl Pulse

Enter the world of Theodoru, the acclaimed Vienna-based Neo-Pop artist, and discover the Teodoru x Chappi limited edition collectible. This collectible is a testament to Theodoru‘s vi،nt and offbeat style, drawing inspiration from the nonchalant charm of koalas.

Em،cing Theodoru’s affinity for creating characters that are both welcoming and whimsically peculiar, this collectible captures the koala’s laid-back essence.

With oversized eyes and a playful nod to cl،ic cartoon figures, the Teodoru x Chappi stands out. It sports a bright red ،rt with white motifs and contrasting blue s،rts, complete with blue and white sneakers for a casual yet distinctive appearance.

The limited edition of 65 PCs, Teodoru x Chappi (9″, $152) is available now through Kuwalla-Tee Website.

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