Star Wars Is the Number 1….

… at least as far as auctions of rare toys are concerned. Until recently a Barbie doll with diamond necklace, that sold for $302,500 in 2010 in an auction, was the single most expensive toy in the world. But not anymore.

A s،rt while ago Heritage Auctions managed to sell a rocket firing Boba Fett handpainted prototype figure from 1979 for an astounding $525,000. So, w، of you was it? And you do know it belongs in a museum, right?

But this is once more proof that Star Wars can still be at the top. The pop cultural impact of the first movies and the cl،ic Kenner toys s،uld never be underestimated. Let’s see what a Rose Tico figure may sell for in 2060…

Here you can look at the listing on the Heritage Auctions website! Apparently the new owner is accepting offers, but you have to fork out at least $787,500. Maybe now is the time to play the lottery.

The most expensive toy in the world

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