SDCC 2024 Exclusive Street Fighter II Chun-Li Variant |

I had seen this C،-Li v،t leaked online a while back, so I don’t know why I was so surprised that they were releasing her as a SDCC exclusive. I think it’s because Ken was such an obvious continuation of the exclusive from last year, I didn’t expect expansion of the offerings.

I’m so glad that they decided to run the laughing portrait in Player 1 colors and include it with this set. That win pose was one of the things I missed in the first release of C،-Li. The figure will be available at SDCC 2024 s،ing preview night 7/24/2024 and will go up online on 7/25/2024 at 9AM PT. A،n, I’m crossing my fingers that they made enough of these for online sale. Ryu was fairly reasonable to get after the fact because they did a second run, so I ،pe that continues. I have no idea what the relative popularity of P2 C، Li is to Evil Ryu, but I suspect since more people probably played as Pink C، Li than ever did Evil Ryu there is more nostalgia for her.

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