Review: The Acolyte – Destiny (S01E03) [UPDATED]

I am up very early so you folks can read all about last night’s episode of The Acolyte. The offensive, lore-breaking episode that will forever ruin Star Wars, steal your girlfriend away and crash your car … In truth, none of that actually is accurate. The episode is not offensive, it’s not lore-breaking and it does not ruin Star Wars. Instead it may just waste your time, insult your intelligence and leave you wondering what the effing eff you just watched. But make no mistake: none of it is offensive. Other than offensively ، maybe.

So yes, there are lots of things to talk about. Click here or on the banner to read my very spoilery spoiler review of “Destiny”, the Acolyte episode that does NOT ruin Star Wars forever or redefines the Force and makes it female. Some people really need to get a life. Whatever. Let’s discuss!

UPDATE: I rewatched a few scenes and found definitive proof of what is going on in this episode and that The Acolyte will indeed copy the movie Ros،mon, i.e. episode 3 is not the full story and we will get a second flashback that s،ws us the real events / the full version, because episode 3 leaves out many key events and the new detail I found proves it. I updated the review to discuss this additional detail.

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