Review: The Acolyte – Day (S01E04)


I don’t know what to say. Only that, in my opinion, I watched the most nonsensical 30 minutes of Star Wars EVER. And this alt،ugh we had slowmo Space Vespa chases, Ke،i being too dumb to walk around a laser barrier, hiding Lil Leia under a coat with no one noticing that they are walking around in an enemy base, Boba Fett getting tired every 20 minutes and Sabine (and Reva) shrugging off full lightsaber torso ، just like that.

We need to talk about a lot of things. I also need grief counseling. So please click through for my spoiler review of “Day”, the worst Star Wars streaming episode ever. Yet. This was even worse than The Last Jedi.  And four more episodes of The Acolyte are still to come. Someone please help me.

Make it stop, please!


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