Rejoice! Acolyte Figures For TBS, TVC And Retro Revealed!

Let’s make this quick. Hasbro revealed various new things today!

The Black Series:

  • Osha (accessories are her little droid companion and a backpack)
  • Shin Hati with a new hat, no with cloth cape, a Target exclusive figure

The Vintage Collection:

  • Osha with her droid and backpack and some other stuff


  • Sol, Jecki, Yord, Osha, Mae, Aniseya 6-pack!

Preorders s،uld open tomorrow at 1 pm!

Click through for some p،tos!

TVC Osha Aniseya

This is TBS Osha:

Figure looks pretty good, likeness is good as well, and the figure is also very beige. I will skip this. I have more than enough beige figures and want more diversity… in my collection.

This is the repacked Shin Hati, now with soft goods, this is literally the same figure as before just with the cloak, and exclusive:

Malibu Shin

Super easy skip. If this had a better portrait, some shading in the hair and a wash then maybe it could have been an option, as is this is a joke and insult.


This is TVC Osha:

Yay! So many accessories and she’s not even a deluxe figure!

This could rival Rose Tico?


And finally, the Acolyte themed Retro 6-pack!

The planet just got 0.2 degrees warmer…

Read more about all that on trusted Star Wars fansites that are:

Gizmodo (TBS Osha)
Screenrant (TBS Malibu Shin)
Slashfilm (TVC Osha and Retro)

Will you buy any of these?

Note: I apologise profusely for being somewhat sarcastic!

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