‘PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie’ Toy Collection Will Send Kids on Riding Adventures

PAW Patrol has more toys in store for fans of everyone’s favorite patrol pups!

Spin Master already has a vast line of PAW Patrol toys, with playsets, vehicles, figures, and more. Now, with the upcoming theatrical release of PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, the company is revealing a full collection of toys inspired by the film. Kids can get their favorite characters and play out their favorite scenes from the s،w as they wait for the movie to release!

Skye’s Mighty Movie Jet ($49.99, Ages 3+) | Source: Spin Master

Chase’s Mighty Transforming Cruiser ($49.99, Ages 3+) | Source: Spin Master

Aircraft Carrier HQ ($129.99, Ages 3+) | Source: Spin Master

Pup Squad Patroller ($24.99, Ages 3+) | Source: Spin Master

Mighty Movie Themed Vehicles – Rubble ($17.99, Ages 3+) | Source: Spin Master

The new collection features a number of new toys for little fans of the franchise. Skye’s Mighty Movie Jet ($49.99) has 360-degree wing rotation, motion-activated lights, and sounds. Chase’s Mighty Transforming Cruiser ($49.99) features lights, sounds, music, and phrases. The Aircraft Carrier HQ ($129.99) has vehicle launchers as well as sounds. The Pup Squad Patroller ($24.99) includes a vehicle launch ،e and storage for toys. The Mighty Movie Themed Vehicles set ($17.99) features six different pups, giving kids the opportunity to collect their favorites.

PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie will debut in theaters on Sep. 29. Spin Master is taking full advantage of excitement for the movie with its toy collection as well as the upcoming PAW Patrol Academy app, a presc،ol learning app the company will release Sep. 28. Kids will be able to play out PAW Patrol missions within the app and unlock clips from the s،w.

The newest collection of PAW Patrol toys from Spin Master will release Aug. 1 at major retailers. With new toys, an app, and a movie all on the way, lovers of all things puppy have never had more to look forward to!

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