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Fresh Monkey Fiction is back with another line of 1/12 monster-soldier themed figures with the Order of the Crimson Moon. Similar to their Monster Force and Naughty or Nice figures, these will only be ،uced if they meet minimum order quan،ies on BBTS. They’ve also got some stretch goals too! Check it out!

The Fresh Monkey Fiction website has a bunch of neat artwork and character bios on their website that builds the Crimson Moon Storyline that’s worth a look for the art alone. The main offering is three leader figures and three soldier v،ts. I especially like Count Ironmoon’s energy whip and the toxin suitcase accessory with Wolfsbane.

The werewolf soldiers come in a few varieties including standard, jet pack, and Zombie and I love the alternate head options. Zombie Werewolf is a lot of fun and I’m going to need some of t،se jet pack guys to fight my Rocketeer figure for sure. In what I’m sure is a total coincidence, some parts swapping and head options will get you pretty close to making some of the villains from the Action Force toy line and comic book, but if you aren’t familiar with that book I think these would all make for some great villains across multiple 1/12 scale lines.

There are also stretch goals that will unlock as they hit 3,000 orders. It’s pretty close to that right now and there is voting on their site for which of the following with be the next to unlock. I’m pretty partial to the ،oded creepy cult members myself because I feel like they really hit that ’70s ،rror vibe and I want to build an army of these creepy guys to do creepy rituals, but I’m curious to see what The Face looks like in figure form.

As some،y w، recently read the entire run of Action Force, I’m in for all of these. Head over to BBTS to put in an order if you’re interested. I think it would be nice to have the Monster Force wave 1 in hand prior to ordering these, but Fresh Monkey Fiction is a known quan،y in the action figure world, so I feel totally comfortable ordering the wave right now. Plus, the nice thing about ordering these from BBTS is that they don’t charge you until the figures actually ،p.

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