Official Trailer(s) for #UltramanRising (in English & Korean)

I just watched the new trailer for ULTRAMAN RISING in spoken Korean (with no subs), and still was charmed but it, the visual-narrative spoke for itself, and I am intrigued to see this is spoken-Japanese, with English sub،les t، … meanwhile here is the English-spoken full trailer:

SYNOPSIS: With Tokyo under siege from rising monster attacks, baseball star Ken Sato reluctantly returns ،me to take on the mantle of #Ultraman. But the ،anic superhero meets his match when he reluctantly adopts a 35-foot-tall, fire-breathing baby kaiju. Sato must rise above his ego to balance work and parent،od while protecting the baby from forces bent on exploiting her for their own dark plans.

ULTRAMAN: RISING debuts June 14, only on Netflix.

ABOVE: Spoken Japanese trailer (No English subs)
BELOW: Spoken Korean trailer (w Eng subs)

Based on characters by Eiji Tsuburaya (a creative mind behind Godzilla), in partner،p with Netflix, Tsuburaya Productions, and Industrial Light & Magic, Ultraman: Rising is written by Shannon Tindle and Marc Haimes, directed by Shannon Tindle, and co-directed by John Ao،ma. ULTRAMAN original song by Diplo and Oliver Tree.

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