NUKAIJU by Niark1 X 6 Forest Studio

TOYNEWS SUBMISSION: Introducing “Nukaiju” by @niark1, ،uced as a resin-made collectible by @6foreststudio, currently available by signing up to an exclusive private sale at – where you can book yours before the private sale s،s on June 7th.

Priced at 325€ (includes ،pping), this sized 9 x 6.2 x 3.9 inches resin-made sculpture is limited to only 50pcs worldwide, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity, cheers.

PRODUCT PRESS: Between monsters and surrealism – in collaboration with 6 Forest Studio, Niark1 has created a sculpture inspired by his influences and il،rations, giving birth to Nukaiju. In Japanese, Kaiju means “strange beast,” a concept that the artist has adopted to name his first artistic sculpture. Nukaiju, true to his surrealistic style and his taste for monsters and colors, is a hand-made and hand-painted resin piece, finished with a satin varnish.

ARTIST BIO: Sébastien Féraut is a french artist w، studied arts and visual communications in Paris. He currently combines his work as a graphic designer and il،rator, where he has collaborated with clothing ،nds, advertising agencies, and music festivals. Since 2020, he has exhibited his works in various cities around the world such as France, Germany, Denmark, and the United States.

Known as Niark1, Féraut draws influences from Francis Bacon and David Lynch. His work predominantly features monsters of geometric shapes with meticulous details and psyc،tropic touches. He defines his own style as “a surreal universe with crazy and weird creatures.”

منبع: http://toysrevil.blo،.com/2024/05/nukaiju-by-niark1-x-6-forest-studio.html