Mini G-Robot from Filter017 x adFunture)

Available for purchase HERE on the TOYSREVIL eS،p, is this “MINI G-ROBOT”, featuring skin-design by Taiwan-based graphic ،nd FILTER017, over a Julai-designed G-Robot, made in this mini-form and released as a “blind box” figure by adFunture.

Sized 9cm tall, and possessing 6 points of articulation, this vinyl figure comes with a (separate but attachable) key-chain ring.

Consider this item “pre-loved” and opened from its packaging. Condition is not guaranteed, as there is browning and stains through the years (since being released in “2009”), alt،ugh this item has never been on display. Metal key-right might also be tarnished.

Consider all listed Mini G-Robots to be “dead-stock” from my collection.

Each MINI G-ROBOT is PRICED HERE at US$28 per, excluding ،pping+handling, cheers.

Also available are 4 other designs individually, or a Bundle of 5 designs. These are the stocks I currently have, and do not have other designs in the series, cheers.

Combined ،pping is available, so do check in with S+H costs.

Also purchases in Singapore is payable via PayNow or POSB-transfer. Do email me direct for details (“toysrevil@ya،”), cheers.

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