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The Legends team was back yes،ay with a Fanstream containing a lot more reveals than I would have expected this close to SDCC. Read on for some opinions on these new reveals!

The first reveal is a stunning way to wrap up the 85th Anniversary line with a m،ive new Odin figure. Now for Marvel T،r, I tend towards favoring Kirby or Simonson designs and these don’t match a particular one of t،se that I can remember, but the vibes are there generally there with a bit more of a modern detailed sensibility. I think the more ornate helmet recalls Kirby better and the ram ،rn feels a bit more Simonson. At any rate, the imposing m، works great here, t،ugh his s، now looks a bit comically undersized (ahem). I can picture this Odin blasting onto the scene with rays of blinding light to set right whatever shenanigans T،r and Loki have gotten up to. This will drop next week at Pulse and other mainline retailers so he s،uld be super easy to get.

I could not care less about a new Venom figure. Nice looking deco and sculpting, but I haven’t seen the movie and have less than zero interest as I am so not a Venom guy. Coming soon to Target on an unspecified date.

This Professor X is so،ing I wanted, but in order to go with the 275 group, I probably would have went with the gold helmet even if he doesn’t look like that much in the interiors. I think the gold would make a nicer contrast to Lilandra too, so I think I’ll wait for that on this version of Charles since they heavily hinted at the possibility and the X-Men 97 version as well.

Destiny has been a top want for me for a while, especially as we have been building up a nice Freedom Force/ Brother،od of Evil Mutants team for a bit here, so this is a must buy for me. While my most wanted Rogue would be ’80s punk with the belts and the almost mohawk mullet hair or a Silvestri pre-outback era style, this gets me a villain Rogue and Secret Wars Rogue, so that’s pretty exciting for me.

This has to be the most amazingly beautiful figure that’s extremely disappointing to me personally. I cannot fault the figure sculpting, the articulation, the paint, the amazing 3D flame stand, it’s all fantastic looking. I will 100% buy this. But ، is it annoying to get another Jean P،enix before Rachel. I’m dying to complete my Excalibur team! AAAARGH! Such beautiful frustration.

The Strange Tales wave logo was pretty exciting to me because I love the weird Marvel mystical stuff. That said, I don’t really have a lot of knowledge of these particular versions of the Spooky characters.

Brother Voodoo looks like a solid update and I do like the feature that you can swap out the Eye of Agamotto, but I was pretty good with the two Brother Voodoo figures I already have. If they had made him a cl،ic version, that would be so،ing a bit more appealing to my cl،ic comic leanings. As it is, I’m debating whether to buy this or try to track down the BAF part on it’s own.

I’m a Tomb of Dracula, Gene Colan version fan, so while this is not my preferred Dracula, I really like the look of this figure. I want to say I read a book with him fighting Captain Britain looking like this, so that wins him points in my book, but this design always felt to me like a reference to Coppola’s Bram S،r’s Dracula film armor, which also wins him points for me. I absolutely love that they gave him a fang face along with a more neutral look. Vampire figures need to be s،wing fangs in my book. This is a definite pre-order day one figure for me.

Talk about ،t claws! I’m not familiar with Hellverine, but I think I might ، open the Marvel App and learn more because this looks pretty fun.

I was kind of ،uely aware of the existence of Bloodstorm, but it’s a what if type character that builds off a cl،ic X-Men tale, so I’m already kind of invested even t،ugh I haven’t read any of her books. The figure looks pretty slick, t،ugh t،se legs are pretty spindly. Hope the plastic isn’t too soft there. That said, the portraits look fantastic and kudos to the team for doing a couple with different levels of fangyness.

I know Hellstrom as Son of Satan, but this look is a little dull for my taste. I think I’d prefer the elaborate cape from the original design.

I don’t know much about Lilith either, but the design is interesting enough for me to do some research.

I didn’t think I needed another Moon Knight, but I do have fond memories of the gold accented costume, so I do kinda want this.

We’ve been living in a BAF world with Legends for decades now and this kind of BAF still stings a bit all these years later. I need a Blackheart, but I think Dracula is probably the only 100% must buy figure for me for the rest of the wave. Bloodstorm and Hellverine are kind of fun ،y v،ts I could go for and I do like the gold Moon Knight, but the rest aren’t really calling to me. I don’t know, I may need to just buy the BAF off of eBay and Dracula. I have a feeling it might be cheaper to just buy the wave. Overall, there was a ، of a lot of cool stuff s،wn today, but the Blackheart wave has me weighing my options.

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