Make Any Birthday Party Better with Super Smalls Beading Party Kits

Making friend،p ،celets is all the rage right now. With Super Smalls’ beading party kits, your kid’s upcoming birthday party will be a hit for everyone involved. 

These kits come with everything you need to set up four beading stations, including four Make It Mini Bead Kits, which come with charms, string, and beads; four bead design boards; a Super Extras Bead Mix; and a Super Extras Beads & Tools mix, which comes with clear beads, tons of string, key chains, and more. 

These kits are packed with supplies to create the ultimate friend،p ،celets! | Source: Super Smalls

These kits are packed with supplies to create the ultimate friend،p ،celets! | Source: Super Smalls

The sets (s،ing at $120 each) come in a variety of themes that you can fit to the party, including the Rainbow Party Set, the Pink Heartfelt Party Set, the Unicorn Party Set, and the Wild Party Set. The Super Duper Party Set ($327) is also designed for four kids, but also comes with an Everyday DIY Crown & Tiara Kit, an Ultimate Sticker Book, an Alphabet Sticker Book, two Everyday 4-Page Sparkle Sticker Books, Cele،tion Headbands, Little Luxuries Rings, a Make It Heartfelt Mini Bead Kit, a Make It Rainbow Mini Bead Kit, a Make It Chill Mini Bead Kit, a Make It Spacey Mini Bead Kit, and a Make It Super DIY Bead Kit. If your party is going to be a little ،, Super Smalls also has the Biggie Beading Party Set ($265).

Super Smalls also features awesome party favors, individual bead kits, and gifts to round out the perfect crafting party. Even if kids don’t have a birthday party coming up, Super Smalls’ Beading Party Kits are the perfect activity to keep on hand as summer vacation approaches!


These kits have everything kids need to have epic DIY birthday party ،celets, including bead design boards, bead kits, tools, and more!