Louis De Guzman Mega Space Molly by Kenny Wong x Pop Mart

Chicago-based Filipino artist Louis De Guzman brings his signature Along the way universe to Kenny Wong’s Space Molly with the launch of his artist edition of the Mega Space Molly (400% & 1000%) art toys from Pop Mart. De Guzman’s focus on exploration, as a way of finding one’s way, has a strong synergy with Space Molly’s cosmic adventures.

Louis De Guzman’s geometric abstraction aesthetic flows throug،ut his Mega Space Molly design. The excitement beings with the pastel blue, pink and purple shapes visible within Molly’s partially translucent ،esuit—a playful concept bound to spark curiosity. While perhaps a bit more subtle, De Guzman’s art and stylings can be seen in Molly’s ،e-y eyes, her jet pack and ،esuit emblems including Along The Way and artist signature patches. Exploring nearly every surface of the popular figure, De Guzman has incorporated his geometric aesthetic into Molly’s gloves with subtle streaks of color that complement the eye-cat،g three-dimensional shapes within.

The Louis De Guzman Mega Space Molly figure launches first with the 1000% (27.56″) dropping on Friday (3.22) @ 7 AM PDT from Pop Mart for $1,199.90. The 1000% will also be available at this weekend’s ComplexCon Hong Kong convention and LouisDeGuzman.com. The 400% (11.6″) is set to launch on Friday, April 5th 2024 from Pop Mart and the artist’s site.

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