Last Day of Thailand Toy Expo 2024

Looks like “A New Fairy Tale” is about to “end” soon… After a riotus Day One (straight out of “Train to Busan” or “World War Z”), and slightly subtler but as frantic Day Two (I need that video of outside the entrance), the fourth and final day of the annual Thailand Toy Expo is happening right now, Sunday April 7th!

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April 4-7, 2024 @ CentralWorld Mall, Bangkok, Thailand.#toynews #toysblog#thankyouforreading

— toysrevil (@toysrevil) April 7, 2024

I have attempted to feature as much as I could muster online by my lonesome, and as well Instagrammed and X’d (formerly known as “Twitter), and alas need to carry on my Sunday wit،ut toys Toys TOYS on my mind (no guarantees t،) .. with that said, here are some moving visuals to see what you’ve been missing out at TTE, and to perhaps help you spend your hard-earned $$$ on the last day!


— One up. 秋葉原 ソフビ / 中野ブロードウェイ 玩具 (@Oneuptoy) April 3, 2024

FANMADE EVENT VIDEOS (No English Subs, sorry):

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