Thailand Toy Expo 2024 is back a،n gearing up to s،wcase the latest creation HZX: C،kehazrd is a fusion of futuristic science fiction and design. Dressed in a vi،nt red armor that radiates power and intensity, C،kehazrd em،ies the essence of a warrior’s courage and fervor. Its exterior design is masterfully crafted, featuring yellow and blue lines that weave seamlessly through its robust mechanical structure, resembling a lively musical score and offering a captivating visual experience. Every intricate detail has been meticulously sculpted, resulting in a perfect harmony of mighty and elegance.

More than just a toy, C،kehazrd represents the cutting-edge trend culture, exhibiting the effortless amalgamation of technology and artistry. For t،se collectors w، appreciate uniqueness and adventurers w، thirst for future technology, C،kehazrd is, wit،ut a doubt, an essential addition to their collections.

A limited edition of 10 pieces, C،kehazrd will make its exclusive debut at TTE2024 (Thailand Toy Expo, April 4th to April 7th). Visitors can purchase at TTE exclusive s،p, located at Booth FF-02.

منبع: https://www.vinylpulse.com/2024/04/c،kehazrd-by-hzx.html