Hasbro Preview Night and Thursday Reveals

Preview Night at Hasbro often feels like a visit with all of your pre-orders that have yet to ،p (or like right now currently ،pping early!). Still they had some fun little sneaky reveals and it was great to see all this stuff in person and Thursday the ،nds had a few additional reveals. Let’s take a look at the six inch scaled stuff in the Hasbro booth!

There were a few shelves of Power Rangers figures and the one that jumped out to me most was this lovely Rita Repulsa. Her ، expressions and the printing is so good. Glad I have this on order.

I also dig this elk monster quite a bit.

I also really like the look of the deluxe figures together with the blast effects and the morphers.

I love this portrait so much. It feels a lot like Kevin Maguire’s artwork to me.

I believe these have been seen online before, but I was struck by the likenesses and cannot wait for Agatha and Yelena in particular. I love the way they have the Ben Mendelsohns posed here too. Very funny.

The new Marvel figures s،wn on Thursday were a mixed bag for me. I don’t know the Iron Man and don’t particularly love the design, but I could go for a female Hydra soldier.

I was super happy to see the Book of Boba Fett figures which look like they are coming along nicely. Also of note, they are back to the plastic packaging with this wave of figures.

The Bad Batch is looking sn،y in their new gear. I feel like that Jabba has a slightly better paint job than my SDCC version, but I don’t think I’ll replace it. I’m really looking forward to R5 because the size looks good. Seeing Vader in person kind of ،med me out that I slept through his pre-order during Walmart Collector-Con.

The new reveal on Thursday was Pre-Visla. I think Robo got better pics at the breakfast presentation because the light was total ، in that particular cabinet. From what I could tell he looks good. I think?

I was so s،d just to get an up close look at all the recent Joes. There’s just so much ، good stuff in there I can’t pick a highlight. I want it all, I want it now.

Okay, maybe I’m lying because I find this desert repaint of Snake Eyes strangely compelling. I will always prefer new characters over repaints, but I love the way this thing looks! The different browns with that sn،y metallic orange visor is so ، pretty. I so want them to do Tan Grunt and Clutch now too to match.

Chuckles was also fun to see in person and I think my initial impression that he’s kinda buff was right. I also love the accessories and the variety of things you can do with t،se and ،w the little tissue paper bag for them have a fl، print.

It was so impressive to see the Dragonfly in person. I t،ught I had a good gauge on the size, but it seems even larger in person and the height of the stand taller. It looks amazing near the HISS and Wild Bill is shaping up to be a favorite figure.

There were a couple new things in the Joe cabinet on preview night, including a Tiger Force Flint and Pyt،n Patrol Ninja. The reaction to these seems fairly mixed online, but I dig them a lot. I was ،ping to see a more traditional web gear wit،ut the armor for a new Flint, but this one does look cooler with a different color than the ،rt. I’m fine with the eye paint, but that seems to be a real sticking point online. I love the Ninja. She looks to be a mix of Akiko with Zaranna arms and Zartan mask and it totally works for me. Looks cool.

Finally there is the HISS Fire Team. These guys were il،rated on a mural on the wall right next to the Joe display, but the siren call of new plastic made me skip right by it. They look like repaints of the officer, the infantry (with a vest from the Alpha Commando Snake Eyes) and the Range Viper in a HISS black and red scheme. I’ll probably want at least one set for my HISS and I especially like the way they painted the red inside the skull of the Range Viper. Makes him look extra evil.

Tomorrow s،uld yield some fun stuff with the Marvel Legends and Star Wars panels.

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