Five Points Fest Exclusives (for #TOYSREVILTOYNEWS)

A trio of Five Points Fest exclusive releases revealed, to be available at the coming weekend event June 8-9, specifically via the Clutter Booth C21! Let’s have a closer glimpse, shall we?

RWK ROBOT ARMY Glow-in-the-Dark 5oz Canbot by Chris RWK x Czee13 is limited to 150pcs worldwide, with this being the First Public Sale of this 5.5″ tall designer vinyl, which features Trademark Rattle Can Action (*Hear the rattle just like a real spray can).

This is the second Canbot release featured for Five Fest, including The Bodega Blade Canbot, so one Canbot in each hand, folks! Okay, maybe in bags, because you might be stocking up on goodies like a madman/madwoman (like I would be)…!

Toxic Glow-in-the-Dark colorway MECHBOT by Czee13 stands 9″ tall, and features a fully articulated “mech suit” which fits a 5oz Canbot head!

Limited to only 50 pieces worldwide, this’ll your first chance to get your hands on this incredible figure outside of their Kicks،er campaign, with this being a “2nd Release” and First Public Sale!

Canbot created by Czee13.
Mechsuit Inspired by Quiccs and designed by Freaky Fir.

Introducing the “Keep Moving Forward” Edition of Robots Will Kill – Icons by Chris RWK, ،uced in 2 figure designs: “Robots Will Kill OG – Arms Down”, and “Robots Will Kill with Sign”.

Each figure stands at 7.5″ tall and is ،uced in injection molded ABS plastic. Limited to just 50 pieces per figure (in this colorway), they are available to purchase as a set or individually, cheers.

Happy Toy Hunting, folks!

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