Everything You Need To Know About The Vintage Collection Starkiller (Vader’s Apprentice) (VC100) Re-release!

We’re cat،g up on TVC reissues! The Expanded Universe Star،er (Vader’s Apprentice) reissue is the best version to date. Hasbro updated the figure with P،to Real and a few updated paint operations. This figure always does well each time it’s re-released, but it tops them all. We took the time to summarize all the new details for you by ،ucing an all-new 100-image gallery complete with comparison s،ts and a breakdown of what separates the 2012 version from the 2023 reissue in the Collector Notes. See this magnificent figure updated in our RDRs now! There’s more difference here than you may realize.

Star،er (Vader's Apprentice)

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