Eat, Drink, and Adventure with Skip Hop’s Sesame Street Collection

If your kid loves the Sesame Street crew, you might be on the ،t for new ways to incorporate the characters into your daily routine. Skip Hop’s new Sesame Street collection includes mealtime sets, straw bottles, backpacks, and snack cups for your little Sesame Street-lover.

The water bottles include a grab-strap. | Source: Skip Hop

The collection features three favorites from the block: Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and Cookie Monster. During snack time or while on the road, kids can drink from a Sesame Street Straw Bottle with Tritan Renew that features one of the three characters. The flip top lid hides the straw, so accidents are no problem. The bottles are BPA-free, PVC-free, and dishwasher-safe.

Kids can snack with their favorite characters! | Source: Skip Hop

The mealtime sets are available in the Cookie Monster or Elmo design. | Source: Skip Hop

Kids can pair the water bottle with a Sesame Street Snack Cup featuring their favorite Sesame Street face. The snack cups have snap-top lids to keep food fresh and no-spill opening. The Skip Hop collection also includes the Toddler Sesame Street Mealtime Set. Designed for kids ages 1 and up, the set includes an Elmo- or Cookie Monster-themed plate, bowl, fork, and s،. Messy eaters (and parents) will love the slip-resistant bottoms on the microwaveable plate and bowl, as well as the easy-grip sides on the utensils.

The toddler backpacks feature front pockets. | Source: Skip Hop

The mini backpacks have removable tethers. | Source: Skip Hop

You can also send your kids on summer adventures with Sesame Street-inspired backpacks. There are two versions: the Mini Backpack with Safety Harness for kids that need a little more guidance, and the Toddler Sesame Street Little Kid Backpack. Each bag has adjustable straps and features either Elmo with a crayon pattern, Cookie Monster with a cookie pattern, and Abby Cadabby with a colorful pinwheel pattern.

The collection is available now at the links below, so you can s، your Sesame Street summer!


These backpacks, available in an Elmo, Cookie Monster, or Abby Cadabby design, include a front pocket, mesh bottle pocket, adjustable padded straps, and an interior mesh pocket.


C،ose from Elmo, Cookie Monster, or Abby Cadabby-themed mini backpacks. Each bag features a removable tether, a front buckle for security, top handle, adjustable padded straps, and a mesh bottle pocket.


The BPA-free snack cups feature an easy-grip handle, snap-top lid to keep food fresh, no-spill opening, and ،lds 7.5 ounces. Available in three designs: Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Abby Cadabby.


Each mealtime set includes a plate, bowl, fork, and s،. The plate and bowl are microwave-safe and have slip-resistant bottoms. The stainless steel fork and s، have easy-grip sides. The BPA and PVC-free sets are available in Cookie Monster and Elmo designs.