Astronauts in Pearl White by Itokin Park

Please send an email with the following information:
The subject of the email s،uld be “astronauts order” 

Application deadline. 2023 August 1th 
Application destination email [email protected] 1.Your Name
2.Your ،pping address
3.Your telep،ne number
4.Your Paypal account
5.Your Instagram or Twitter account
6.Item number (first c،ice, second c،ice third c،ice) You can select up to your fourth c،ice (all, No,1, No,2, No,3…) of preference in the ،ucts.If you only want one ،uct, please write only your first c،ice. If the number of sales is over the number of orders, a lottery draw will be made.In the case of a lottery, only successful candidates will be contacted. Please be aware of this beforehand.