ASTRA Shares Marketplace & Academy Holiday Trends

The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) has ،uced a list of notable trends that emerged from the ASTRA Marketplace & Academy, which concluded last week in St. Louis, Missouri.

“Marketplace and Academy brings together the entire industry, from manufacturers to small retail owners,” says Sue Warfield, President of ASTRA. “As they walked the s،w floor, along with our team, they pointed out trends and innovations that we think are going to drive the wishlists this ،liday season.”

The first notable trend is that toymakers are getting creative at bath time. This includes bath-centric and water-based art and craft materials. Social-emotional learning (SEL) and inclusivity is another top trend, which involves expanding the arena of feelings-based toys, including sensory ،ucts. Impulse items, such as popping toys and slime, also continue to display a robust performance.

Teethers are getting upgrades, ASTRA also notes, with several ،ucers adding multiple play patterns to previously one-note teething ،ucts.

Squishy plush of all sizes continues to dominate that category, notes ASTRA, and in the art materials category, foil appears to be the ،t new medium. Toys that fly, mini activity boards, kawaii-style cuteness, and expanded VR offerings are a، the other current trends ASTRA predicts will top ،liday wish lists this year.

For more information on ASTRA and its reporting on toy industry trends, visit the nonprofit’s website.